James Home Services

About James Home Services

The James Home Services Story

Over the last eighteen years, James’ Home Services has grown
from a one-person operation to a 400-franchisee-plus network covering Australia.

James’ Signature trailer

James’ Home Services Franchisees are trained to become professional specialists in one particular area of home services (eg Interior House Care; Lawn & Garden Care; Window & Exterior House Cleaning; Mobile Car Cleaning, etc).

Master Franchisees develop their own franchise network by selling service franchises, then training and coaching franchisees in business management. (In fact, several of our own staff, including sales consultants and a former Training & Development Manager, have decided to purchase Regional Master Franchises,
as they’ve seen first-hand the successful systems and earning capacity offered by James’ Home Services.)

Because James’ Home Services is a national company, we can offer cleaning franchises in areas right across Australia.

Busy lifestyles mean that the demand for home cleaning services is greater than ever. James’ Home Services is a trusted and recognised brand, and our aggressive and continued marketing ensures that there are customers ready and waiting in all areas – which means increasing franchise opportunities are available.

James Vans

The James’ Home Services system has proven to be a winner, with strong brand recognition and a reputation built on satisfied customers and successful franchisees.

The continued outstanding reputation of both our services and our franchise systems also creates a positive cycle of franchisee and customer recruitment via word-of-mouth advertising and expansion of our marketing activitiy.

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